Scanpst Fails to Repair Corrupted PST Files

If you are an Outlook user then you must have to be familiar with the PST and the Scanpst. Outlook stores all your send/receive emails and other folder like contact, schedule, notes, calendar journal etc in a .pst file. So you have to use the Outlook properly because if any how the PST get damage or corrupted then you can get several kinds of issues and error message. To repair the corrupted or damaged PST file Microsoft has provide the inbuilt utility which is known as Scanpst. This utility is designed for repairing the damaged PST and fixing error. But its unfortunate the Scanpst is not able to repair all kind of PST. Many users have complained that the Scanpst fails to repair corrupted PST files when they run it. If your PST file is also corrupted or damaged and you try to run the Scanpst but it get fails then don’t worry.

Every time when there some irregularity occurs in the Microsoft Outlook then this inbox utility automatically pop-ups with a message that is asking for the permission to fix the corrupted PST file or sometime when you feel that your PST file is damaged then you can use the Scanpst to repair it. So when you run the scanpst it checks for the file header and file directory structures and try to repair the file. But it is unable to repair the upper level objects like attachment, message, calendar item, notes, sub folder etc. But sometime Scanpst fails to repair corrupted PST files and the worst condition is when the scanpst is unable to read the structure of an item or folder then it can end up with deleting the entire folder and its sub folder.

Free Download PST Repair Tool

So if your PST is also corrupted and the Scanpst fails to repair corrupted PST files then don’t get sad. You can use some third party utility to repair the PST. Outlook repair software is one of the most reliable and vets tool which can be used as an option for scanpst in order to fix the corrupted PST file. The tool contains some special algorithms which an easily fix the corrupted or damaged PST file without knowing its condition.

User Guide : How to Use Outlook Repair Software

Step 1 : Download and install Outlook PST Repair Program and thereafter run it, hereby you need to choose ‘select Outlook Data File “ option so as to specify the corrupt file that is to be repaired.

Step 2 : Begin the scanning process, by clicking the scan button present there

Step 3 : Also, you can see the stop button provided there, which can be used to stop the scanning process going on

Step 4 :Once this step has been successfully accomplished,preview of files that are corrupt could be found in the left pane. Here you can see the save button that is used to save the recovered files.

Step 5 : Once “ Save Recovered File “ option is selected and a location is specified for saving the same, the files are saved & could then be accessed.

Step 6 : The progress bar shows the ongoing process

Step 7 : Once the files are repaired, you can have easy access to the same from where they are saved.

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