Msncon32.dll Error Outlook 2007 -How to fix Msncon32.dll Cannot be Loaded Error

In order to have access to Hotmail and office Live mail account email messages, users would need a program called as Microsoft Outlook Connector, this program in turn uses number of files & components to allow access to the mail account. Msncon32.dll is one of those plug-in and the same being an important component of system needs to work properly for the very purpose of accessing emails files be served. However Msncon32.dll Error Outlook 2007 is many a times experienced by users and this is when they are unable to have access to email & other personal data & information stored in the account.

The error message that is likely to be displayed at that point of time is that, reads as –

The add-in ‘Outlook Connector Extensions'(msncon32.dll) cannot be loaded and has been disabled by Outlook

This very error displayed at the time of launching Outlook states that the dll file i.e. msncon32.dll is having issues and could not be loaded as a result. The very issue may differ with cases say the file is missing, damaged or is lost. To get over the very problem, it is mandatory for the users to download & reinstall Outlook connector. As this very process resets the settings & plugins the process is likely to be accomplished successfully once this is done. But, for cases the same may not happen and this definitely denotes a severe issue with your MS outlook files that needs to be sorted out with the help of outlook 2007 repair software, if all else methods fail.

How to fix Msncon32.dll Error Outlook 2007?

Depending upon the case as it may be one of the following ways, may help you resolve msncon32.dll error –

In case the MS Outlook hotmail connector is experiencing issues and could not be opened, Outlook installation repair is needed and the same may be done with the help of the CD provided with at the time of installing Outlook. This very process resets all settings & any damages that so exists is repaired as well.

Other process to try out is that of resetting the extend.dat file, which is meant to control all plug-ins used in the system, including that of hotmail connector. Once this is done you are likely to succeed in using the very application once again without further issues.

If the registry entries of the very file is corrupted or damaged msncon32.dll errors may also arise in between as such registry needs to be repaired.

However, if all other methods fail and your files remain inaccessible you need to find & rectify any issue that lies with your Outlook PST files. The very files if corrupt for any reason may not be accessed properly and would fail giving errors time & again and to come out of those very issues outlook 2007 repair software is to be used. The application thoroughly scans the personal folder files to find & fix the issues that lies with it, helping resolve those all with efficiency that too completely & quickly. The application is specifically designed to scan & fix damaged outlook data files & complies with all Outlook versions say – Outlook 2000, 2002, 2003, 2010 etc and is compatible with Windows 7, Vista, XP etc.

So, if you have been experiencing msncon32.dll error & having problem in access in Outlook personal folder items opt for the utility now to get over the problem with ease.

User Guide : How to Use Outlook Repair Software to Resolve Msncon32.dll Error Outlook 2007

Step 1 : Download and install Outlook PST Repair Program and thereafter run it, hereby you need to choose ‘select Outlook Data File “ option so as to specify the corrupt file that is to be repaired.

Step 2 : Begin the scanning process, by clicking the scan button present there

Step 3 : Also, you can see the stop button provided there, which can be used to stop the scanning process going on

Step 4 :Once this step has been successfully accomplished,preview of files that are corrupt could be found in the left pane. Here you can see the save button that is used to save the recovered files.

Step 5 : Once “ Save Recovered File “ option is selected and a location is specified for saving the same, the files are saved & could then be accessed.

Step 6 : The progress bar shows the ongoing process

Step 7 : Once the files are repaired, you can have easy access to the same from where they are saved.

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