Fix Data File Not Closed Properly Error

I am using Outlook successfully from last few years but today when i was trying to open its data file on my desktop i received an error message which stat that “data file not closed properly. The file is being checked for problems.’ however, i ignored the error message and continue using the Outlook. But now it has become a serious issue and it appears whenever i want to access my Outlook. So if there any solution about this then please help me. Thanks..

Microsoft Outlook is a fantastic email application which has eased the task of managing email account. But sometime users will have to face difficulties and most of the problems comes in the form of error message and data file not closed properly is one of the choleric error which can unable user from accessing their Outlook account. The reason behind this error is the damage of header in any activity. Apart from that there are many other factors that can cause the error message are opening of the external application in the background, exiting the Outlook by using the command Alt + F4 which only make Outlook disappear from the screen while it remains active in the background, due to impact of Microsoft Office add-ins associated with Outlook, When Outlook get synchronized onto hand held devices that keeps it active, due to invasion of virus and malware in the system. So if you want to avoid this error then always close Outlook properly, up-date your antivirus program and run Process Explorer before shutting down the system.

Free Download PST Repair Tool

After using the above mentioned corrective majors if the data file not closed properly Error still persist then you have to opt some reliable third party software. Outlook repair software is one of the reliable utility which is developed by professional that can fix the error easily. The program contains easy user interface which can be used by any non technical user. Using this software one can easily solve any kind of error in Outlook, repair corrupted PST and recover lost items.

User Guide : How to Use Outlook Repair Software

Step 1 : Download and install Outlook PST Repair Program and thereafter run it, hereby you need to choose ‘select Outlook Data File “ option so as to specify the corrupt file that is to be repaired.

Step 2 : Begin the scanning process, by clicking the scan button present there

Step 3 : Also, you can see the stop button provided there, which can be used to stop the scanning process going on

Step 4 :Once this step has been successfully accomplished,preview of files that are corrupt could be found in the left pane. Here you can see the save button that is used to save the recovered files.

Step 5 : Once “ Save Recovered File “ option is selected and a location is specified for saving the same, the files are saved & could then be accessed.

Step 6 : The progress bar shows the ongoing process

Step 7 : Once the files are repaired, you can have easy access to the same from where they are saved.

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